American and Saudi Arabian Dialogue (ASAD) Education Center

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Dialogue, Understanding and Collaboration through Education

The American and Saudi Arabian Dialogue (ASAD) Education Center, the only center of its kind at a U.S. institution of higher education, is part of The George Washington University’s College of Professional Studies. The Center was established in December 2011 after receiving its charter from the University’s Advisory Council on Research.

ASAD Education Center’s mission is to offer educational opportunities to qualified professionals from the United States and Saudi Arabia, and other countries, in three main areas of legal, business and religious studies. To this end, the Center will:

  • Promote an on-going dialogue between the peoples of the United States and Saudi Arabia through lectures, discussion forums and academic programs
  • Bring together representatives from the academia and the professions from both countries where exchange of ideas and learning can take place
  • Provide high quality academic workshops, courses, certificate and degree programs to professionals in a variety of fields
  • Facilitate linkages between The George Washington University and Saudi Arabian universities for advancing collaborations, joint programs and research
  • Foster relationships between U.S. academics, professionals and businesses and their Saudi Arabian counterparts

In its wider goals and aspirations, the Center strives to bridge the gap between the Islamic world and the West by promoting dialogue and mutual understanding, fostering collaborations and building relationships.

Western Studies Institute

ASAD Education Center is a collaborative effort between The George Washington University and The Western Studies Institute (WSI), a non-profit organization incorporated in Pennsylvania and headquartered in Riyadh.

WSI is the premier center in the Arab world for the academic study of Western culture and society. The mission of the Western Studies Institute is to advance dialogue, collaboration and mutual understanding between scholars and professionals in North America and Saudi Arabia and the Western and Islamic worlds in general. WSI advances its mission through a number of programs and activities, namely education, research, translation, publications and cultural exchanges.

The Sheikh Fahad Al Mugayel Research Chair for Commercial studies at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in cooperation with WSI has graciously provided the funding for establishment and operations of the Center.

WSI Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Fahad A. Alhomoudi, Founder and President, Riyadh
  • Mr. Bader Mugayel, Shumou Investment Company, Riyadh
  • Dr. Leonard Swidler, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. Sabine O’Hara, Global Ecology, LLC, Washington, DC
  • Ms. Sara Khadhr, Western Studies Institute, Riyadh
  • Mr. Harry Halloran, American Refining Group, Bradford, PA
  • Mr. Bander Mugayel, Mugayel Investment Group, Riyadh


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Contact WSI

Western Studies Institute
P.O. Box 67287
Riyadh 11596
Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +966-1-2006015
Fax: +966-1-2006014


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Contact the ASAD Center

K. Cyrus Homayounpour, Director
American and Saudi Arabian Dialogue (ASAD) Education Center
805 21st Street, NW, Suite 301
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Telephone: +1-202-994-1845
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