Course Descriptions - Integrated Information, Science & Technology

(Each course is 4 Credit Hours)

PSIS 2101 & 2102: Writing and Communications, and Media Relations I & II
Organize and present thoughts and ideas in writing and in oral presentations with examples that will prepare students for their capstone project presentations, and communications in formal settings.

PSIS 2103 & 2104: Foundations in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Data Analysis I & II
The tools necessary to tackle a variety of problems in physical, biological, and social sciences, including experiment design and data analysis.

PSIS 2105 & 2106: Foundations in Information Technology and Computation I & II
The understanding of computers and their associated technologies that provide computational tools for tackling more complex problems resulting from the study of global warming, evolutionary processes in complex systems, or financial analysis

PSIS 3122: Ethics and Its Role in Science and Technology Policy
The role of ethics in science and technology policy. On many important modern day issues, the effects of policy on various disciplines in science and technology can not be ignored and ethics (although a separate topic) is closely intertwined with many policy decisions, e.g. stem cell research, privacy issues etc.

PSIS 4132: Principles of Biotechnology
Basic physical principles underlying experimental exploration and the mechanisms behind the fields of proteomics, bioinformatics, and genomics.

PSIS 4133: Bioinformatics
The use of computational techniques in molecular biology, genetics, and evolution. Techniques and software for database searching, sequence alignment, gene finding, phylogenetics, genomics and proteomics.

PSIS 4135: Computational Modeling
Topics and methods relevant to scientific computations and modeling. Intended to provide a solid foundation for analyzing, learning from, simulating, and solving scientific problems on a modern computer platform.

PSIS 4137: Alternative Energy Sources
An exploration of the science, technology and policy associated with alternative and renewable energy sources. The history and technology of a number of renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind, geothermal, and biofuels will be described and a comparative analysis of alternative energy sources will be performed.

PSIS 4141: Computer and Telecommunication Networks
Telecommunications and networking as applied to enterprises in the commercial and public sector. LANs and Internet technologies. Selection of technologies and configurations necessary to support business applications.

PSIS 4142: Relational Databases and Their Design
The theory, architecture, and implementation of database management systems in corporate and organization information systems. Fundamental concepts of database and processing. Hands-on experience with database management packages.

PSIS 4143: Systems Integration
The analysis, design, and implementation of management information systems (MIS), and integration of subsystems. Structured methodologies and techniques for various stages of the MIS development process. Computer-aided software engineering tools.

PSIS 4144: Information and Network Security
The philosophies, principles, and practices of security management and the impact of privacy legislation on computer-based systems. Risk assessment, state–of–the–art measures, trends in the information security field and roles of the various levels of management and technology staff.

PSIS 4145: Software Systems Development Processes
The information systems life cycle is discussed in terms of technologies, impact and management. Topics include structured and object-orientated analysis, prototyping, software reuse, testing, life-cycle costs, and software development environments.

PSIS 4152: Entrepreneurship and Technology Venture Creation
The process of innovation within and outside the corporate setting to launch and build new ventures, including internal technology venture initiation. Organizing for innovation, raising venture capital, tax considerations, managing the small technology-based venture marketing technology. Case studies, of recent low-to high- tech ventures. Developing a business plan for a technology-based venture.

PSIS 4190: Capstone Project and Senior Thesis
Real-world project involving team-work, problem-solving, presentations, and a senior thesis demonstrating the content learned in the curriculum.

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