Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Management and Policy

The heat of the Sun, arriving in the form of visible light, has the ability to penetrate solid or liquid substances, but loses this ability almost completely when it is converted, by its interaction with the terrestrial body, into dark radiant heat.

- Joseph Fourier

The Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Management and Policy is tailored to students seeking a credential in the field but who are not in need of a complete master’s degree. The certificate consists of six courses - a sequence of four required courses (PSUS 6221, PSUS 6222, PSUS 6224, PSUS 6231) plus two more. The purpose of electives is to facilitate flexibility by enabling students to fine-tune their study and engage with the broader Sustainable Urban Planning Program.

The required classes are:

  • PSUS 6221  Planning Resilient and Low-carbon Cities
  • PSUS 6222  Sustainable Building: Energy Demand, Efficiency, and Supply
  • PSUS 6224  Sustainable Energy for Cities and the Environment
  • PSUS 6231  The Scientific Basis of Climate Change

Two elective courses round out the Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Management and Policy - these additional courses may be fulfilled by any of the courses in the Sustainable Urban Planning Program.

This certificate can be combined with the Graduate Certificate in Urban Sustainability and four Core Planning Courses to earn a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Sustainable Urban Planning.

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