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Course Descriptions

PSLD 6260 Introduction to Sustainable Design (2 credits)
Sustainable Design defined as working within an environmental system to meet today’s needs without negative effects on future generations. The interaction of forest systems, air and water to form an ecosystem. An overview of current practice in conservation and design in the built environment.

PSLD 6261 Ecology of the Built Environment (2 credits)
Establishes the fundamental ecological framework for the curriculum. Explores concepts and theories behind natural communities and their ecological relationships and introduces landscape tools that address how ecology and landscape purify and clean water and air, and restore damaged and eroded environments.

PSLD 6262 Tools for Sustainable Design (3 credits)
“Reduce/reuse/recycle” as an approach to design and material selection for energy efficiency. Using natural resources when siting buildings and designing landscapes. Approaches to conserving water and avoiding point-source pollution on a site-by-site basis. Design, technology and plant selections for green roofs.

PSLD 6264 Native Plants I (2 credits)

PSLD 6265 Native Plants II (1 credit)
Identification and design characteristics of native plant material. Understanding the fundamental natural framework that defines ecological plant communities of the mid-Atlantic region

PSLD 6266 DL Ecological Restoration (1 credit)
Many plants imported from other regions of the world have escaped their original confines and invaded woodlands and landscapes. Techniques for removal of exotic invasives and ecosystem restoration.

PSLD 6268 Sustainable Design Methods (2 credits)
Studio course for application of native plants to specific sites. Students develop conceptual designs with aesthetic and ecological priorities and learn the importance of preparing soils for urban conditions, for tree planting and residential gardens.

PSLD 6269 DL Sustenance and the Landscape (2 credits)
Strategies and techniques for introducing edible materials to the landscape as an aspect of sustainable management of resources. Exploration of urban agriculture as a method for local food sourcing.

PSLD 6270 Sustainable Design Charrette (3 credits)
Studio design thesis course. Expansion of techniques to unify sustainable elements in a single creation. Either singly or in groups, students follow a focused design, development and juried presentation process on a fully sustainable, complete site design.