CW - 15: Third Annual Cyber Workshop (Hampton Roads)

Hosted by: Peninsula & Norfolk (ISC)2 Chapters and GW's Cyber Master's Degree in Hampton Roads

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Cyber Law
  • Social Engineering
  • Convenience vs. Security
  • Forensics
  • Medical Privacy
  • and lots more...

Keynote Presenter: Jeffrey C. Horne, Brigadier General, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command (Retired) - CEO & Founder, IVET Solutions

Jeff founded IVET shortly after he retired from the US Army in 2010 and then transitioned into Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company as an Executive Program Manager. Helping the Troops take charge of their future is Jeff’s passion. Throughout his demanding, diverse 30-year military career, he and his wife Terri have helped thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen keep balance in their everyday lives. Jeff spent his last 6 years in uniform defining leading-edge programs to help wounded veterans transition out of the hospital system and transition programs. These were all in addition to his multiple ground-breaking jobs in Missile Defense, Space, and Ground/Air Combat operations. Jeff’s last position as the Director of Human Resources Programs and Policy enabled him to both update Army HR and family programs and also expand its efforts in soldier/family transition programs, counter-suicide efforts, family and well-being programs, and diversity efforts. Jeff is also an advisor on multiple boards and DoD efforts that create innovative opportunities for Veterans and their Families.