Degree & Certificate Programs

Over the past 13 years, the College of Professional Studies (CPS) has developed several programs related to security and cyber operations. In order to create a true synergy and develop the Academy’s unique competitive advantage, CPS has consolidated the educational programs that are relevant to these fields of study, namely:

These programs represent a unique concentration of technical and strategic curricular that develops the competencies needed to prepare tomorrow’s work force. All undergraduate and graduate degrees integrate an internship or practicum activity as a component of the curriculum to ensure real world preparedness. The internship program is a critical feature for students that are looking for this real world education and hands-on experience, which translates directly to new employment, upward mobility, and continuing education.  The internship program also offers a unique opportunity to establish long-lasting and meaningful partnerships with the private sector, public agencies, and military bases located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the DC metro area and nationwide.