Homeland Security Webinar: Why Data Matters

Please join us for a live webinar:

Why Data Matters
Presented by Paul Wormelli

This presentation will focus on why knowledge derived from data is important to the criminal justice system and what data should do to help support improved decision making with an emphasis on what information is actually needed in and among the various disciplines of criminal justice, including how the National Incident Based Reporting System run by the FBI needs to progress toward more useful constructs.  The discussion will include ways to eliminate the barriers to data driven justice, and the essence of building a data culture.

Paul Wormeli was the first national project director of Project SEARCH, and was subsequently appointed by the President as Deputy Administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) in the U.S. Department of Justice.  Mr. Wormeli helped design the first mobile computing equipment sold in this county to law enforcement agencies.  At Project SEARCH, he led the development of a common protocol for interconnecting diverse proprietary protocols to enable the nationwide sharing of criminal history information.  He has been an advisor to the White House on security and privacy, participated in the drafting of Federal law on this topic, and responsible for the development of numerous state plans to implement the Federal and state laws on information system security and privacy.