Application Instructions

Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor's and Associate's Degree in Police and Security Studies [Detailed Instructions]

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program in Integrated Information, Science, and Technology [Detailed Instructions]

Bachelor's Degree Completion Program in Cybersecurity [Detailed Instructions]

Graduate Admissions

Advocacy in the Global Environment [Detailed Instructions]

Campaign Strategy [Detailed Instructions]

Climate Change Management and Policy [Detailed Instructions]

Community Advocacy [Detailed Instructions]

Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management [Detailed Instructions]

Digital Politics [Detailed Instructions]

Global Public Relations [Detailed Instructions]

Healthcare Corporate Compliance [Detailed Instructions]

Justice and Public Safety Information Management [Detailed Instructions]

Landscape Design (Master of Professional Studies) [Detailed Instructions]

Landscape Design (Graduate Certificate) [Detailed Instructions]

Law Firm Management (Graduate Certificate) [Detailed Instructions]

Law Firm Management (Master's) [Detailed Instructions]

Legislative Affairs [Detailed Instructions]

Organization Performance Improvement [Detailed Instructions]

PACs and Political Management [Detailed Instructions]

Paralegal Studies (Graduate Certificate) [Detailed Instructions]

Paralegal Studies (Master's) [Detailed Instructions]

Paralegal Studies (Master's)+Healthcare Corporate Compliance (Graduate Certificate) Combined Program (Face-to-Face) [Detailed Instructions]

Political Management [Detailed Instructions]

Public Leadership [Detailed Instructions]

Public Relations [Detailed Instructions]

Publishing [Detailed Instructions]

Security and Safety Leadership (Master’s) [Detailed Instructions]

Strategic Public Relations [Detailed Instructions]

Sustainable Landscapes (Graduate Certificate) [Detailed Instructions]

Sustainable Urban Planning (Master of Professional Studies) [Detailed Instructions]

Sustainable Urban Planning (Graduate Certificate) [Detailed Instructions]