Strategic Priorities

The college’s strategic priorities consist of its Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Six Value Pillars.

Our Beliefs and Values



To catalyze progress through higher education.



To be the interdisciplinary college of choice for lifelong learners and employment decision makers.



Provide an agile, responsive and innovative educational experience for a diverse community of learners

Empower lifelong upskilling and reskilling

Contribute to social, economic and political progress.


Six Value Pillars


Our diverse and supportive community drives progress.

We value our community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, strategic partners and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.  We provide unique access and the opportunity to help our community reach their full potential and drive progress for all.

Access & Inclusivity

All members of our community deserve equal access to opportunities that the college offers.

Students, alumni, faculty and staff should have the opportunity to access educational and professional opportunities that will help them advance and achieve meaningful careers and upward mobility.


We respect and value each individual’s contribution to our shared vision.

We excel in different disciplines across a variety of locations, but embrace a shared mission and pull together as a team in the interest of finding the most innovative ways to deliver upon it.

Progress & Impact

When our adult learners realize their professional goals,  everyone benefits - our students, their communities, businesses and societies.

Our students are the leaders who drive meaningful change. We provide the tools they need to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.

Applied Interdisciplinary Knowledge

We apply theory and develop skills to create interdisciplinary curricula.

CPS is committed to providing high-quality applicable coursework that translates to valued skills and prepares them for tomorrow’s leadership positions.  This enables our students to put their knowledge to work in a way that benefits the students, their employers, society at large and to continue their life-long journey of learning.

Innovation Ecosystem

We co-locate with employers to develop agile and market-responsive curricula.

By bringing together new actors who have not worked together in a cooperative and intensive way, including our partners, faculty and  other schools and colleges around the campus, we can reimagine professional education.