CPS Employees Recognized at 2023 Career Milestone Celebration

November 20, 2023

15 year service anniversary pin in cup

Congratulations to eight CPS staff members celebrating service anniversaries. The University annually recognizes employment milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years of service with specially organized events. 

The following CPS staff will be recognized by GW administration at the 2023 Career Milestone ceremonies on November 28 or 29, 2023. Congratulations to all of our staff! 

Five Years: 

  • Joe Ayala, CPS Instructional Designer
  • Charlotte Morris, CPS Instructional Designer
  • Cheryl Scott-Mouzon, Assistant Director, Recruitment & Admissions
  • Mark Trickett, CPS Instructional Designer

10 Years: 

  • Samantha Luna, Financial Administrator and Training Specialist, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
  • Nicole Mintz, Director of CPS Career Services

15 Years: 

  • Sarah Gunel, Director, Administration and Operations

25 Years: 

  • Maria Escoto, Director of CPS Admissions