Education Catalyst: Common Ground and Uncommon Opportunity

August 30, 2023

In this episode of the Professionals Podcast, powered by The George Washington University's College of Professional Studies (CPS), Amanda Gillespie and Luke Kasim welcome Dean Liesel Riddle to discuss the dynamic developments and plans of CPS. With the podcast aimed at exploring the transformative potential of upskilling and continued education for adult learners, Dean Riddle provides insights into the strategic initiatives undertaken by CPS.

Reflecting on the past year, Dean Riddle highlights CPS's commitment to understanding its identity and values as a community, including alumni, faculty, staff, and students. She underscores the six core beliefs that emerged from this introspective journey, encompassing the importance of community, access and inclusivity, respect, progress and impact, interdisciplinary knowledge, and an innovation ecosystem. These beliefs are now being woven into various aspects of CPS's activities.

Dean Riddle identifies the college's purpose: catalyzing progress through higher education. This purpose extends to becoming the interdisciplinary college of choice for lifelong learners and employment decision-makers. The conversation delves into CPS's mission to provide an agile, responsive, and innovative educational experience that empowers lifelong learning, up-skilling, and re-skilling, ultimately contributing to social, economic, and political progress.

With these guiding principles in place, the discussion transitions to CPS's upcoming plans. Dean Riddle emphasizes three primary goals: fostering an accessible and inclusive community, catalyzing innovation through cutting-edge pedagogy and curricula, and forging partnerships with businesses and government entities to broaden the reach of CPS's programs and raise community awareness.

The podcast hosts and Dean Riddle also delve into CPS's new branding campaign, aptly named "Catalysts." This campaign seeks to invite individuals with diverse perspectives and talents to collaboratively shape the future. The conversation delves into the campaign's message that great minds should not necessarily think alike but instead embrace differing viewpoints to foster transformation.

As the conversation draws to a close, the hosts and Dean Riddle discuss upcoming signature events, including the Professional Access Round Tables, where students engage in profound discussions with industry experts. They also touch upon the varied podcasts CPS offers, catering to the specific needs of adult learners seeking accessible and flexible learning experiences.

In closing, Dean Riddle reflects on her favorite moments at CPS, including engaging with passionate students pursuing unique fields of interest and witnessing the diverse and heartwarming experiences at graduation. The episode wraps up on an optimistic note, echoing the excitement for the future endeavors of CPS and the transformative impact it continues to make.