Graduating Students Give CPS High Marks for Graduate School Experience

CPS graduation ceremony
Students gave CPS high marks on a survey evaluating their graduate school experience.
April 09, 2017

An overwhelming majority of CPS master’s degree students said they would definitely recommend their programs to prospective students, when asked as part of a university-wide survey of graduating students.

The 2016 Graduate Student Graduation Survey, conducted by GW’s Office of Survey Research & Analysis, asked graduates to rate their experiences on instruction, advising, faculty, and university services, as well as an assessment of what was learned, career advising and post-graduation plans. It was completed by 2,899 students, approximately 69% of all graduating graduate students.

“I was very pleased with the results of the survey,” said Melissa Feuer, assistant dean of students and director of career services for CPS. “It is especially exciting to see students giving top marks to the academic excellence of CPS programs and faculty. Students not only ranked the quality high, but were also saying they would recommend their programs to prospective students. That speaks to their confidence in our programs.”

In 2016 CPS had 295 respondents out of 447 master’s degree graduates, a 66% response rate. CPS earned high marks in every evaluative category, with top scores in the following areas:

  • Quality of the academic experience
  • Overall experience
  • Overall program quality
  • Program space and facilities
  • Quality of classroom instruction, teaching, and feedback
  • Intellectual quality of faculty
  • Respect for students by faculty
  • Overall climate of positivity in program
  • Environment supportive of non-traditional and diverse students
  • Would you recommend GW’s program to someone in your field of study
  • Would you select GW if you chose to start your professional career again

When asked about the overall Quality of their Academic Experience, the bulk of student respondents rated CPS programs as excellent or very good.

While reviewing the survey results it is a good time to reflect on our strengths as a College and evaluate how we will continue to support the optimal student experience.