GW and CPS Policy, Information and Forms

Academic Affairs Resources

  • The Office of the Provost website contains important information about academic policy at GW. This site includes both the Faculty Code and the Faculty Handbook. The GW Bulletin is effectively a contract between the students and the university/college and contains university and CPS academic policies.

Academic Integrity


  • The Academic Calendar lists all the holidays observed by the University each semester. The administration has accepted a resolution of the Faculty Senate regarding the accommodation of the obligations of religiously observant students and faculty. 


  • The CPS Incomplete policy is in the GW Bulletin. Incompletes are only appropriate when students, for reasons beyond their control, are unable to complete the coursework and prior performance and class attendance have been satisfactory. If you wish to grant an Incomplete you must first obtain the approval of your program director. Please document your Incomplete with an Incomplete Contract and submit a copy signed by you and the student to (GSPM instructors should submit them to so we can track progress. 

Missing grades

  • It is critical that you enter a grade for every student listed as registered for a course. If you do not recognize a student name in GWeb as someone who has participated in your class please notify the Office for Student Engagement at so we can determine the best way to handle. It is good practice to check your class rosters in the beginning of the course and report anyone listed who is not present or participating, as they may have intended to drop the class.

Privacy of Student Records

  • The University and its faculty and staff will protect the privacy of students’ education records as required by federal law and regulations. Please read the GW policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Federal regulations and university policy require students receiving federal financial aid to maintain a specified level of academic achievement and to complete a set number of credits within a given time frame. Missing grades, withdrawals and incompletes can impact the student's ability to receive aid under this policy. Here is a fact sheet about SAP explaining the requirements and how your grading practices can affect a student's financial aid status.


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