Homeland Security Advisory Board Meets First Time In-Person

April 26, 2023

Homeland Security board

On Thursday, April 20th, the Homeland Security Advisory Board held its first in-person annual meeting. The board held its inaugural meeting in Fall 2022.The board supports the bachelor’s and master’s in Homeland Security programs, working closely with program directors Jeff Delinski and Elaine Lammert.

According to Ms. Lammert, the eight board members are senior-level professionals with extensive operational and leadership experience with homeland security. They provide support and advice to the homeland security programs, their curriculum and the development of new initiatives. Board members include:

"We are honored to have members with such impressive backgrounds, willing to take time from their busy schedules to support our programs. They have already shared ways to strengthen the homeland security programs, and we have begun to explore partnerships that will contribute to the success of both the programs and CPS," commented Elaine Lammert, program director, Homeland Security master’s degree program. 

During the meeting, the board held very productive discussions on how the programs deliver quality education centered on homeland security professional skills and ways to expand learning through certificates and credentialing.

Dean Liesl Riddle, associate dean David Marshall, and assistant dean Luke Kasim joined the board for a working lunch. Dean Riddle provided the board with an overview of CPS' new strategic plan and discussed ways the board can help support the strategic plan and the marketing of the programs. The group also enjoyed a tour of the GW Foggy Bottom Campus in Washington, D.C. The board will reconvene in the fall.