Homeland Security Alumni Quotes

"The most significant memory of George Washington University that I will take away in obtaining my Master's degree in Homeland Security is how professional and focused everyone remained at this prestigious university by synergistically joining together across all academic modalities to continue operations through the SARS CoV-2 pandemic. GW students and faculty showed that through unification and collaboration, it could continue to meet its mission as a change agent to the world despite the peripheral effects of COVID-19!"

Bobby Baker
Class of 2021


"I feel that the GW Homeland Security program education I am receiving is helping me to be successful. The skills I am learning are helping me develop and become more valuable to my firm. This has made my transition out of the service a successful one."

Gabriel Vasquez
Class of 2019


"Enrolling in the program was one of the best decisions, both professionally and personally, that I have ever made. The faculty cannot be matched. Not only were they exceptionally qualified, but they legitimately cared about my successes. Their passion does not stop once you leave their classroom. The faculty will go out of their way to make sure you achieve your goals outside of this program. They aren’t just concerned with you doing well in their courses, they have a genuine interest in your career and future."

Matthew Kenyon
Class of 2017