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Welcome to teaching at the College of Professional Studies. All new faculty should receive an introductory letter from the College and from the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs with information on other offices and services that might be important as you plan your course and prepare for your first class.

Your most important contact in getting started–other than your Program Director–is Cody House, the College's Director of Online Learning & Instructional Technology: 202-994-4473 or


University Human Resources Information


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Getting Started at GW 


Payroll Information

In order to be added into the payroll system, you will need to complete a W-4 and state tax form for your state of residence. These forms are available on the Payroll Forms website, under “Tax Withholding Forms.”

If you live in a state that does not collect income tax, or if your state of residence is not listed on the Payroll website under “Tax Withholding Forms,” that means GW does not withhold taxes for your state. In this case, you should complete the D.C. Non-Resident form in lieu of a state tax form, so you can avoid having DC taxes withheld.

The other important payroll form to complete is the Direct Deposit Request, if you wish to be paid by direct deposit to your bank account rather than the default method of mailed check. Please read the instructions on the form carefully and be sure to enclose a voided check (or printed deposit slip for a savings account deposit).

Tax forms and the Direct Deposit Request should be sent directly to Payroll by email, fax, or mail:

Payroll Services
45155 Research Place, Suite 155, Ashburn, VA 20147

Telephone: 571-553-4277
Fax: 571-553-4406

These forms can also be dropped off in-person on the Foggy Bottom Campus at the Faculty & Staff Service Center in the Marvin Center, Suite 242.

In general, part-time faculty members are paid by the course on a monthly basis, at the end of each month in which the course runs. Payroll calendars with exact pay dates can be found on the Payroll Calendar website. If you do not receive your paycheck, or if you have any questions or issues regarding payments, please contact Johanna Galt, Faculty Affairs Specialist, at or 202-994-5393.

Access to GW Online Systems

As a new faculty member, you should first claim your GW email/NetID. NetID is a single username (with a corresponding password) that gives you access to GWeb Information SystemGW emailmyGW PortalBlackboard (online course management), GWireless, and other GW systems.

Instructions for creating your GW NetID are available on the New Students, Faculty and Staff page. Please select the “Faculty & Staff” tab and expand the “Claim your GW email/NetID” option on the list, then follow the “Claim your NetID” link. If you have trouble setting up your NetID, please contact the IT Support Center for assistance at 202-994-4948 or

Please note that both sections of the I-9 form must be completed before attempting to create a NetID. Please contact Johanna Galt, Faculty Affairs Specialist, at or 202-994-5393 if you have questions or need assistance with the I-9 process.

After setting up your NetID and email, please log into the GWeb Information System using your GW email and password (click the “Faculty & Staff” link to log in). GWeb is the place where you will be able to review and update your personnel and payroll information. Your paycheck information will be available in GWeb, as well as tax information, address and contact details, and direct deposit. This website is an important resource during your employment period with the University. Instructions for viewing and updating your information in GWeb can be found here.

CPS will communicate with you throughout your time at GW using your GW email address, so it is very important that you obtain one as soon as possible and that you check the account frequently. If you do not monitor the account, you may miss important communications from CPS, your program, and the University. If you do not want to check the GW email account, you should forward incoming messages to the account you check frequently.

Faculty Union Information

Most part-time faculty members are covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the University and Service Employees International Union Local 500.

However, certain categories of part-time faculty are excluded from the bargaining unit. Further information about the union and links to the CBA will be included in your official appointment notification from the Provost.

Please familiarize yourself with the CBA and your rights and responsibilities as a faculty member.

If you have questions or concerns about your union status, please contact Debra Churos, Director of Part-Time Faculty, at or 202-994-4329.

GWorld Card

If you will be teaching on campus, you may wish to obtain a GWorld Card. This is a University ID card that will provide access to the Gelman Library and the Instructional Technology Laboratory, where you will have access to equipment and assistance with audio-visual needs.

View instructions on how to get a GWorld card

Designing Your Course, Writing a Syllabus, and Preparing to Teach

All CPS courses must have a clear course description in the syllabus and a set of stated learning goals for the students. Assignments and grading procedures should be outlined, and information included about GW’s academic conduct policy.

First, speak with your Program Director about the Program’s overall learning goals and how your course fits into the larger context of the program.

Then consult the information in the faculty resources section under "Developing a Course."

Finally, consult with Cody House (202) 994-4473 or He can work with you to create your course, review the syllabus and assignments, and suggest effective teaching practices suitable to your content.

For assistance in locating course readings or setting up research instruction sessions, contact CPS librarian Morgan Stoddard at

Using Blackboard

Your course is automatically established in Blackboard, the university’s course management system. You must use this system to publish your course materials, class schedules, readings, references, organization of discussions and other communications with your students. The students registered in your class will be automatically included in your Blackboard Classroom. A good place to start when using Blackboard is ITL: Blackboard Help for Instructors and members of the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL). At various times throughout the year you will be notified about the times and dates of training sessions by technical experts. If you have questions about getting started on Blackboard, contact Cody House (202) 994-4473 or

You are expected to administer your course (quizzes, exams, required and supplemental readings, paper submissions, discussion forums, PowerPoint lecture files, etc.) through Bb and issue all grades and feedback to students through the Bb grade book. But note at the outset that the grades you place in Blackboard will not automatically become the final grades in the course. Grades must be submitted at the end of the course through GWeb.

To facilitate adding class readings to the Blackboard classroom please visit the library webpage on course reserves. If you have found an article in a library database and need assistance locating the permanent link please contact CPS librarian Morgan Stoddard at


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Class Resources 

Final Class Roster

Before your first class meeting you must obtain a final class roster by logging into GWeb and selecting the Faculty Menu. 

First Class Meeting 

Please record student attendance and contact your Program Director if anyone is attending your class who is not on the roster. Any subsequent changes in class attendance should be reported to your Program Director.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are conducted at the completion of each course; students are automatically notified when evaluations are available and instructors are asked to encourage students to complete these online evaluations. For questions about these evaluations, contact Johanna Galt, Faculty Affairs Specialist, at or 202-994-5393. Once the course has finished and grades are submitted, instructors can retrieve the results of the survey through myGW by clicking on the “Academics” tab at the top of the page.

Determining and Submitting Grades

Determining your academic standards for grading is a complex issue, so before teaching you should develop a grading policy (that is then stated in your syllabus) and a set of rubrics to use in grading assignments. It is wise to speak with your Program Director about standards so that your policies and grading practices are consistent with the program’s. For more information about these issues see our faculty resources or contact Melissa Feuer, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs, at or 202-994-8310.

You must enter your grades directly into the GWeb system. Detailed instructions for submitting grades can be found at the Office of the Registrar. This site contains a PDF file with detailed instructions on submitting your grades online.

University policy requires that grades be submitted within 5 business days after the final examination, or after the final class meeting if no exam is given. If you have any difficulties in entering your grades, please contact the IT Support Center at or 202-994-4948.

Students will be able to look up their own grades in GWeb.

Incomplete Grades

The CPS Incomplete policy is in the GW Bulletin. Incompletes are only appropriate when students, for reasons beyond their control, are unable to complete the coursework and prior performance and class attendance have been satisfactory. If you wish to grant an Incomplete you must first obtain the approval of your Program Director. Please document your Incomplete with an Incomplete Contract and submit a copy signed by you and the student to (GSPM instructors should submit them to so we can track progress.

Returning Students' Assignments

Students perform much better in class and learn much more effectively if they are given feedback soon after submitting assignments. Please return student papers and projects, with your written comments, as soon as possible after their submission to you.

Canceling Classes

If it is necessary to cancel a session of your class, it is your responsibility to contact your students and inform them of the situation. You may do this through Blackboard. In addition, please notify your Program Director.

In the case of weather-related class cancellations, you should check Campus Advisories directly or while logged into myGW or by telephoning the GW Information Line at 202-994-5050.


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Classroom Technology Support

If your assigned classroom is not equipped with the technology you require, please use the Academic Technologies WebCheckout system. This website is useful for checking on available classroom resources and requesting help for all your computing needs (however, please note that Academic Technologies only serves the Foggy Bottom and VSTC campuses).

Accessing Library Resources

You have access to over 9 million items that GW and our Consortium Loan Service (called WRLC) partners own. Search the library's online catalogue. If you are on the Foggy Bottom campus you can browse the shelves and pick up a book. If not, then we will have FedEx deliver the book to you. Details about the library's off-campus services, including how to have a book delivered to you, are in the off-campus services guide.  You also have access to anything that we can request from libraries worldwide through InterLibrary Loan.

There are about 300 subscription databases that you can use from anywhere with an internet connection.

Direct any questions regarding library resources and services to Morgan Stoddard at

Title IX Reporting Responsibilities

Please note that all GW faculty members are considered to be Responsible Employees and are required to promptly report any information they learn about suspected Prohibited Conduct or potential violations of GW’s Title IX policy. If a student, staff, faculty, or program participant shares information with you about an incident of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or relationship abuse that they’ve experienced or know someone else has experienced, you must report the incident or contact the Title IX office at 202-994-7434.

Please see GW’s TitleIX page for further information and resources, including guidelines for how to inform students of your reporting obligations and confidential support resources that are available.

For more information, contact Rory Muhammad, Director and Title IX Coordinator, at or 202-994-7434.