Introducing Our New Brand Campaign: Catalyst!

September 29, 2023

Great Mind don't shouldn't think alike

Our innovative brand campaign embodies the ethos of sparking new thinking by adding friction. At the heart of this campaign lies the belief that your unique perspective and experiences are the key to your career success, but to truly become a catalyst for transformation, it requires more. 

“As we enter this exciting chapter, I am thrilled to introduce our new brand campaign, 'Catalyst.' It represents the driving force that will ignite new energy and excitement within our college and the broader community,” commented CPS Dean Liesl Riddle.

At the George Washington University College of Professional Studies (CPS), we offer you an opportunity to collaborate with experts from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who will not only support your journey, but also challenge you to question assumptions, put your ideas to the test and explore ways to make a lasting impact.

Here at CPS you'll acquire the skills needed to create a ripple effect of positive change across industries and communities, propelling your career to new heights and connecting you to unexpected corners of the world. Let the friction ignite your path to greatness. The campaign signifies our commitment to propelling innovation, growth and transformation.

"CPS offers one of the most unique and relevant promises I've seen in more than a decade of working in professional studies. The idea that students studying in one discipline can connect with and learn from experts across other fields of study? That's exciting. It's a convergence of perspectives. New ways to look at problems. And integrated solutions to the increasingly complex challenges society faces. GW recognizes humanity's greatest questions can't be answered in a vacuum,” said Matt McDermott, president, Humble & Wallop, formerly known as The Harvey Agency.