Professional Training Programs

Professionals working in the field of cyber operations and protection of critical infrastructure face ever-evolving threats that necessitate them to be continuously up-to-date on the strategies and practices necessary to mitigate them. The Cyber Academy is the ideal place where we can rapidly develop professional training programs to address these emerging security issues. Currently, professional accreditations and certifications are required for most experts working in the fields of critical infrastructure protection and cyber security.

Because of the importance of such certifications for working professionals, the Academy offers training that targets key professional certifications, which are required by homeland security agencies and cybersecurity industries. This training provides core skill and competencies to obtain these professional certifications that are required for positions related to cybersecurity.  Finally, the Cyber Academy also offers customized hands-on training in collaboration with external partners in private and public sectors. This training is offered on a periodic basis – for example, through “summer boot camps."

Cyber Security Circles

The “Cyber Security Circle” is a seminar that focuses on a set of issues faced by mid-level professionals working in the military, private, and public sectors. Participants will learn from a multidisciplinary approach applied to contemporary challenges in cybersecurity. The circle addresses several topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security
  • Law, Policy, Strategy
  • Computer Network Attacks
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Incident Response and Investigation
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Workforce Development

The objective of a circle is to assemble a group of mid-level professionals (10-15 individuals) and have them learn about existing and emerging policies, strategies and best practices in cyber security. Lectures are performed by renowned leaders working in cyber security. Participants will work individually and in small group on case study, problem-solving activities, and tabletop exercises. 

The cyber security circle can be offered in intensive format (two weeks long) or regular format (weekly meeting). The circle provides also a unique networking forum between participants and subject matter experts.