Publishing Alumna Kate Leboff, MPS ‘17, Publishes First Book

March 22, 2024

Left: The cover of Kintsugi by Katelyn Leboff, right: Katelyn Leboff

Kate Leboff, a 2017 graduate of the MPS in Publishing Program, will have her first book published on June 21, 2024 by Finishing Line Press. The book is titled Kintsugi and is described as a collection of poems written from the heart and soul, for anyone who has experienced trauma. The poems are partly a memoir of a young woman’s journey, but also encompass universal truths and experiences of joy and heartache.

"The book's title and overarching themes are centered around the philosophy and ideas behind the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which I took an interest in after a psychotic break ten years ago just before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder," says Kate.

"I started these poems a decade ago and have been applying the art form personally in various ways to aid in my healing journey and the daily work of living with a mental disability. My poetry has been one of the many ways I continue to reshape and rework myself after the many painful blows life has dealt and the joyful moments life has offered. I have always and will continue to strive to live my most genuine and authentic life and truth. I hope this book helps others feel brave enough to do the same and to know they are not alone."

About Her Book

This collection revolves around the Japanese art of Kintsugi–the practice of mending broken pottery with gold, silver, or platinum lacquer to create a unique piece of art highlighting its ‘imperfections’ in a way that is beautiful. Kintsugi is a meditation on the practice of taking the broken pieces of ourselves, embracing our imperfections, and creating a more expansive and resilient version of ourselves. We should not attempt to hide our scars but endeavor to emphasize these ‘flaws’ to show how we have used the salves of learning, growing, and healing to create a masterpiece.

About the Author

Kate Leboff has her B.A. in English/Creative Writing and a Masters in Professional Studies in Publishing. She currently resides in upstate NY with her two adopted pitties. She works in the editorial/production department at a university press full-time and freelance edits other authors’ novels. This is her first publication, and she is working on a follow-up collection of poems, a crime/thriller novel, a YA fantasy novel, and a book that is equal parts self-help and humorous self-deprecation.

Find out more about the author and her new book. It is now available for preorder until April 26.