Scott Sklar

Faculty: Adjunct

Scott Sklar runs his clean energy technology optimization and strategic policy firm, The Stella Group, Ltd, which he founded in 1995 and came on full time to lead in 1999. The firm facilitates clean distributed energy including advanced batteries and controls, energy efficiency and storage, geoexchange, heat engines, minigeneration, microhydropower (freeflow, tidal and wave, etc), modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind and solar thermal. -- specializing on blending technologies and financing for projects, assisting companies to scale-up market penetration, and facilitating federal and state polices to expand markets. Previously, Sklar served as Executive Director for 15 years of two national trade associations concurrently, the Solar Energy Industries Association and the National BioEnergy Industries Association. He also facilitated the first renewable energy trade show in Beijing in 1995.

Prior of running trade associations, Sklar was Political Director of The Solar Lobby for two years; -- a renewable energy advocacy group founded by the big nine US environmental organizations. And for three years previous to joining the advocacy organization, served as Washington Director for two years and Acting RD&D Director for one year of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), a federally-funded applied technology institution promoting renewables and energy efficiency for local communities both in the US and globally. Sklar started his energy career serving as a military and energy aide to Senator Jacob K Javits (NY) on his Washington personal and Committee staff for nine years, and cofounded the Congressional Solar caucus in the mid-1970’s where most of the renewable energy legislation first was passed by the US Congress as a result of the first and second oil embargos.

He serves on the Boards of Directors of three national non-profits: Business Council for Sustainable Energy (climate change), Renewable Energy Policy Project (energy analysis), and The Solar Foundation. He also serves as Steering Committee Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Coalition, composed of the 20+ national energy efficiency and renewable energy industry organization, advocacy groups, think tanks, and environmental groups. Sklar has coauthored two books, “The Forbidden Fuel: A History of Power Alcohol”, published in 1985 and which was updated and re-released in 2010 by University of Nebraska Press; and a “Consumer Guide to Solar Energy” first published in 1998 and is in its third publishing. Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, Ltd., was selected as the Renewable Energy Industry Representative onto REEEP No Am Adv Committee of UN Int'l RE Activity in August 2006. REEEP is a Public-Privatepartnership and was launched by the United Kingdom along with UN agencies UNIDO and UNDP, 30 other governments, and other partners at the United Nations Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in August 2002. Sklar’s term ended in December 2009. Scott Sklar was appointed in April 2007 onto National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy &Technology (NACEPT) of USEPA. His term ended on February 2010. On November 4, 2010 Secretary Locke approved Sklar's appointment to the Department of Commerce Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC).

Sklar is an Adjunct for a unique interdisciplinary course on sustainable energy at The George Washington University, and is also an Adjunct at American University co-teaching a unique international energy course, and he also co-facilitates the Admiral Thomas Moore Energy Security Seminar via the National Defense University at Fort McNair.