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January 26, 2024

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In an exciting development, The George Washington University's College of Professional Studies (CPS) is gearing up to relaunch its highly anticipated Semester in Washington (SIW) program this summer. Focused on applied politics, this transformative and immersive educational experience offers undergraduate students from around the world a unique opportunity to delve into the inner workings of American government while gaining practical skills and insights into political management. The program will be offered year-round, starting  in summer 2024. Students may also plan ahead to attend the program during the fall 2024 or spring 2025 semesters. In the future, we plan to add additional SIW programs focused on other professional fields.

Set against the backdrop of the nation's capital, CPS' SIW program in applied politics takes place on George Washington University's central campus in Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C. This strategic location provides an ideal setting for academic and professional pursuits, given the university's proximity to key governmental institutions such as the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Supreme Court, and various federal agencies.

Throughout the program, students live and study in the heart of the action, enjoying a front-row seat to witness American governance in action. They have the chance to engage with politicians, policymakers, and professionals, gaining valuable insights into the complexities of the political landscape. Furthermore, students will have the unique opportunity to network with CPS' Graduate School of Political Management alumni, who hold diverse positions in government, political campaigns, public affairs, advocacy, media and communications, international relations, and more.

"The Semester in Washington immerses students in Washington's politics, culture, and history. It deepens their understanding and knowledge of running campaigns and how Washington does (and does not) work, and it provides opportunities to network, to build their skills, and to build a career in Washington or any other place where politics is practiced."

Matthew Dallek, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Political Management

Matthew Dallek

The SIW program in applied politics goes beyond traditional classroom learning by offering a well-rounded curriculum combining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences. Students can participate in flexible virtual or hybrid internships and embark on on-site visits to various governmental institutions and organizations. This multifaceted approach ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the political landscape.

One of the standout features of all of our SIW programs is the opportunity for students to experience the rich cultural and historical significance of Washington, D.C. SIW students will find themselves immersed in a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters academic and personal growth. This unique combination of academic rigor and real-world exposure sets the stage for a transformative experience.

With a focus on elections, CPS' Semester in Washington Program aims to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to become informed and active participants in the political landscape. The program's overarching goal is for students to leave with a deeper understanding of politics and governance in Washington, coupled with a newfound passion for public service.

As students embark on this intellectual journey, they can expect to create lasting memories and garner invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly shape their academic and professional paths in the years to come. The relaunch of CPS' Semester in Washington Program promises an unforgettable experience, positioning students at the forefront of American governance and preparing them to make a meaningful impact in their future endeavors.

Now accepting applications for Summer 2024.

March 31: Priority Application Deadline
April 30: Final Application Deadline

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