Unveiling Our College Podcast Footprint

Inspiring Conversations and Diverse Perspectives

September 28, 2023

Luke Kasim, Amanda Gillespie and Dean Liesl Riddle

In a world where the podcasting landscape continues to grow, our college is proud to introduce an exciting trio of podcasts, each designed to engage, inspire and foster diverse conversations within our academic community. The Professionals Podcast, the relaunch of GSPM's Mastering the Room podcast and CEPL's One Humanity Lab Podcast offer unique perspectives on various facets of education, career development and global citizenship.

OUr Podcasts


The Professionals Podcast: Navigating Career Transformation

The Professionals Podcast

The Professionals Podcast takes center stage as a beacon of inspiration for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons and embark on new career paths. Within the dynamic realm of higher education, adult learners represent a significant and vibrant segment of our community. The podcast addresses this demographic by providing insights into how our College of Professional Studies (CPS) programs effectively engage and cater to their unique needs.

The show delves into the strategies, resources and success stories that enable adult learners to enhance their knowledge and acquire relevant skills. By exploring the complexities of transitioning into new careers, The Professionals Podcast serves as a valuable guide for those who aspire to make a transformative leap in their professional lives. Whether it's acquiring new skills, pivoting industries, or pursuing lifelong learning, this podcast is a wellspring of knowledge and motivation.

Mastering the Room: Elevating the Art of Communication

Mastering the Room with donkey and elephant; The Graduate School of Political Management logo

GSPM's Mastering the Room podcast will make its triumphant return with a fresh perspective on the art of applied politics and communication, hosted by Program Director Casey Burgat. In an age where effective communication is essential in the political realm, this podcast explores the nuances of advocacy, lobbying,  public speaking, leadership and persuasive discourse.

Through insightful discussions and practical tips, Mastering the Room equips our audience with the tools to communicate confidently and persuasively. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the world of politics, this podcast promises to enhance your ability to connect with and influence others, both within and beyond our college community. Anticipated new season to publish mid-October.

One Humanity Lab Podcast: Fostering Global Citizenship

One Humanity Lab Podcast hosted by Ina Gjikondi & Bonnie Buckner; Center for Excellence in Public Leadership Logo


The College of Education and Public Leadership (CEPL) introduces the One Humanity Lab Podcast, a platform dedicated to fostering global citizenship and promoting conversations about pressing global issues. In an interconnected world, understanding and empathy are crucial for addressing the challenges we face as a global community.

This podcast delves into topics ranging from international relations to humanitarian efforts, spotlighting the work of experts, scholars and activists who are striving to make the world a better place. By promoting dialogue and raising awareness, the One Humanity Lab Podcast inspires our college community to become informed, engaged global citizens who can drive positive change.

Our college's podcast footprint represents a tapestry of diverse conversations and perspectives. Whether you're an adult learner seeking a new career path, an aspiring communicator, or someone passionate about global citizenship, these podcasts offer valuable insights and inspiration. We invite you to tune in, engage and be part of these enriching dialogues that reflect the essence of our academic community. Together, we can embark on a journey of lifelong learning and transformation.