Women in Technology Meet the University

Women in technology (IStock)
August 21, 2017

Women in Technology (WIT) strives to increase the number of women in technology fields. GW’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) offers degree programs that can help students advance their careers. On June 26 WIT and CPS hosted a Meet the Company event at the GW Arlington Graduate Education Center to combine their resources and educate WIT members, senior leaders, and potential, new and current students about academic pathways to successful careers in technology, cybersecurity and data science.

The event included networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to learn about the benefits of higher education degrees, technology industry challenges and workforce trends from a panel of GW faculty.

The panel, moderated by Dr. Olivia M. Blackmon, assistant program director and faculty for the Integrated Information, Science & Technology (IIST) program, addressed the challenges we all face in terms of the technology, cyber and data science industries and the faculty’s recommendations to solve these growing problems, specifically highlighting the current and future trends for workforce development in national security and data analytic careers. GW panelists included:

  • Dr. Faith Bradley, Professor for Machine Learning, GW Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, discussed translating data analytics into tools for global decision making;
  • Dr. Sara Hooshangi, Associate Professor and Program Director of the Integrated Information, Science & Technology program provided an overview of the shifting industry landscape and the need for students to stay current with the developing technology curricula;
  • Dr. Connie Peterson Uthoff, Associate Program Director in the Strategic Cyber Operations and Information Program highlighted the growing need for more cyber intelligence and strategic analysts to ensure national security and the importance of having a post-bachelor’s degree;
  • Mr. Kushal Ismael, Employer Outreach Coordinator, GW College of Professional Studies, provided information on career resources available to current CPS students and alumni.

The panelists also emphasized the importance of women role models for girls and young women in the classroom, and the value placed on finding a mentor to inspire females that want to explore STEM careers.

Recognizing the need for mentors at all career levels, WIT has a Mentor-Protégé program that links protégés with executives in the STEM fields, so participants can have a platform to move into a leadership role within the industry. Starting this fall, Dr. Blackmon will attend the year-long structured program to expand her exposure and knowledge in the STEM fields. She looks forward to the personal growth opportunity and to using her new knowledge to further advance women in STEM.

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