Your Appetite Comes With Eating: Lessons from a Lifelong Learner

December 12, 2023

In this gripping episode of The Professionals Podcast, Mr. Bryan Carley shares his extraordinary journey from a tech-focused career to a life-altering health scare that prompted a profound shift. After a dire medical prognosis, Mr. Carley reevaluates his priorities, transitioning from technology implementation to combating financial crime. The pivotal moment on December 26th, 2013 becomes a catalyst for a career overhaul, leading him to specialize in responsible business practices and risk management. Bryan's resilience and newfound purpose resonate as he transforms from a tech generalist to a financial crime specialist.

Returning to school with a unique perspective, Bryan navigates the Homeland Security Program at The George Washington University's College of Professional Studies, embracing the efficiency of modern education tools. His experience and insights illuminate the real-world applications of certifications in financial crime and anti-money laundering. As Bryan reflects on his family's military legacy, he shares a heartwarming tale of guiding his son's journey into cybersecurity.

In a surprising turn, Bryan announces his acceptance into the University of Melbourne Law School, marking the beginning of his third chapter. Throughout the conversation, he emphasizes the importance of deliberate choices, productive discomfort, and being present in every endeavor. Bryan's inspiring narrative underscores the power of introspection and the endless possibilities that unfold when one embraces change.