Apply for Funding: Student Support and Student Emergency Funding Awards Applications DUE February 5th

January 26, 2024

GW campus quad with bricks, tall clock, trees, students milling about

Applications for student emergency funding and professional development awards are due as early as February 5th and will be rolling as funds allow. The awards will serve as a safety net for students navigating unforeseen financial burdens and empower them by providing financial support for academic and professional growth opportunities. 

Apply for Student Emergency Funding Award
The emergency funding award serves as a safety net, providing financial assistance to students facing unexpected challenges or crises that may hinder their ability to continue their education. This award ensures students can navigate unforeseen financial burdens and stay focused on their academic pursuits. 

Deadline: Applications for the spring 2024 semester should be submitted by no later than Monday, February 5. After the initial deadline, applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but awards will be subject to availability of funds.

Apply for Professional Development Award Funding
The professional development award aims to empower students by providing financial support for academic and professional growth opportunities. This award facilitates participation in conferences, workshops, and other developmental activities, allowing students to enhance their skills, network with professionals, and contribute to their overall academic and career advancement. Together, these awards contribute to a holistic support system that promotes both immediate well-being and long-term academic success for students. 
Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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