Graduate tuition and fees at The George Washington University are comparable to the national average for private universities. These costs, set by the GW Board of Trustees, generally increase from year to year and may vary by program and location.

Tuition is made up of many variables, so all calculations below are estimates based on current tuition rates and fee structures. Total tuition and fees will adjust depending on the courses taken and the rate at which you complete your coursework. Please use the following information as an approximate tuition amount based on current information and not your final investment which will appreciate over time.
Master of Professional Studies in Publishing 
Alexandria, VA Format
Online Distance Learning Format
Curriculum: 14 courses (typically completed in two years) 30 credits
Tuition (Summer 2017-Spring 2018 Terms):
30 credits @ $860/credit hour:       $25,800
Tuition (Summer 2017-Spring 2018 Terms):
30 credits @ $860/credit hour:          $25,800
Registration fees: 
6 registration sessions @$35 each: $210
TOTAL: Tuition + fees:          $26,010
TOTAL: Tuition + fees:             $26,010
Application fee (one time): $80
Matriculation fee (one time): $200
Books:  Approximately $50-$100/course
The costs of travel, meals and accommodations (if applicable) are not included in the tuition or fees.
For a detailed list of fees please refer to The George Washington University Bulletin -- Graduate Programs.

Financial Aid

Please visit the GW graduate financial aid site at for more information.