Master’s Degree

  • 48-credit-hour, 2 year program
  • Classes offered on weekday evenings three semesters a year (spring, summer, fall) in Arlington

Download a Sustainable Urban Planning Program Flyer

Download the Sustainable Urban Planning program flyer

Sustainable Urban Planning Program Contacts

Program Representative
Jim Miller
(571) 553-0142

Program Director
John Carruthers, Ph.D.

(202) 994-8353

Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Urban Planning

The history of cities is almost as old as that of civilization. Cities have been centers of wealth and power, innovation and decadence, dreams and frustrations … a large proportion of the world’s population now resides in cities. Yet cities are among the most complex human creations, and in many ways the least understood.

- Masahisa Fujita

The MPS in Sustainable Urban Planning program is a professional master's degree program dedicated to giving you the skills needed to face the challenges of modern urbanization - in the United States and around the globe.

In the program, you will gain a deep understanding of cities and the expertise to turn that understanding into forward-looking inquiry and action. Among other things, you will learn; the theory and application of urban end environmental economics; sustainable development planning for urban adaptation and resiliency; pragmatic approaches to land use and transportation planning within established and newly developing city systems; climate change and other global, development-related crises; sustainable design techniques and building technologies; and applied research skills, including advanced geospatial and econometric methods. Above all, in the Sustainable Urban Planning program, you will gain the ability to use your ideas to help forge better cities and, thereby, to create a brighter future for the world as a whole.

The program consists of 48 credits, including the ten-course Common Curriculum and one of these two tracks in either Climate Change Management and Policy or Sustainable Landscapes: 

Common Curriculum 

  • PSUS 6201  Principles of Sustainable Urban Planning (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6202  Urban and Environmental Economics  (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6203  Research Methods I: Geospatial and Econometric Analysis (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6204  Legal Frameworks (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6210  Transportation Planning in City Systems (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6211  Land Use and Agricultural Economics (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6212  Sustainable Communities I: Housing and Design (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6213  Research Methods II: Advanced Geospatial and Econometric Analysis (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6230  Studio in Sustainable Urban Planning (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6233  Capstone in Sustainable Urban Planning (3 credits)

Climate Change Management and Policy Track 

  • PSUS 6221  Planning Resilient and Low-carbon Cities (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6222  Sustainable Building: Energy Demand, Efficiency, and Supply (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6223  Sustainable Communities II: Tools for Assessment and Transformation  (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6224  Sustainable Energy for Cities and the Environment  (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6231  The Scientific Basis of Climate Change (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6235  Advanced Topics  (3 credits)

Sustainable Landscapes Track

  • PSUS 6260  Intro to Sustainable Design (2 credits)
  • PSUS 6261  Ecology of the Built Environment (2 credits)
  • PSUS 6262  Tools for Sustainable Design (3 credits)
  • PSUS 6264  Native Plants I (2 credits)
  • PSUS 6265  Native Plants II (1 credits)
  • PSUS 6268  Sustainable Design Methods (2 credits)
  • PSUS 6269  Sustenance and the Landscape (2 credits)
  • PSUS 6266  Ecological Restoration (1 credit)
  • PSUS 6270  Sustainable Design Charrette (3 credits)

The Sustainable Urban Planning program also offers Graduate Certificates in Climate Change Management and Policy and Sustainable Urban Planning tailored to students seeking a credential in the field, but who are not in need of a complete master's degree.



在这个项目中,你将会深刻的理解城市和其相关专业知识,并将其融入前瞻性的调查与行动中。 除此之外,你还将学到:城市和环境经济学的理论和应用、可持续规划理论在城市适应性与弹性中的应用、应对城市系统中土地利用与交通规划问题的实用方法、气候变化和其他全球性发展问题、可持续设计方法和建筑设计以及地理空间分析和计量经济学方法。 总之,在可持续城市规划项目里,你能够获得运用自身想法去建立更好的城市的能力,并由此为世界创造一个美好的未来



  • PSUS 6201  可持续城市规划原理
  • PSUS 6202  城市和环境经济学
  • PSUS 6203  研究方法1: 地理空间和计量经济学方法
  • PSUS 6204  法律体制
  • PSUS 6210  城市交通系统规划
  • PSUS 6211  土地利用与农业经济学
  • PSUS 6212  可持续社区Ⅰ:房屋与设计
  • PSUS 6213  研究方法Ⅱ: 高级空间与计量经济学分析
  • PSUS 6230  可持续城市规划实践
  • PSUS 6233  可持续城市规划毕业设计


  • PSUS 6221  弹性规划与低碳城市
  • PSUS 6222  可持续建筑:能源需求、效率与供给
  • PSUS 6223  可持续社区Ⅱ:评估与转化的工具
  • PSUS 6224  城市与环境的可持续能源
  • PSUS 6231  气候变化的科学依据
  • PSUS 6235  进阶课题


  • PSUS 6260  可持续设计介绍
  • PSUS 6261  建筑环境的生态学原理
  • PSUS 6262  可持续设计研究工具
  • PSUS 6264  本土植物
  • PSUS 6265  本土植物Ⅱ
  • PSUS 6268  可持续设计方法
  • PSUS 6269  生计与景观
  • PSUS 6266  生态修复
  • PSUS 6270  可持续设计研讨会议


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